Hotels4all, which henceforth on this site and for the sake of brevity will be called “Company”, is a private company based in Sofia, Bulgaria, 24L Planchkov Street, Gorunblqne, with VAT 204225904, VAT ¨: BG 204225904 and is subject to Bulgarian law.

Our Company provides an online platform to, which offers services either directly or indirectly through on line, through any mobile device, via email or even by telephone.

These terms and conditions, along with the Privacy Policy, govern the relationship between the Company and any person who will use or access the site and any of the content or services available through it as a visitor. Visitors include people using the site to access property information, whether for business or pleasure purposes, from landlords or property managers.

The terms and conditions are a legally binding agreement between the Company and the visitor. By using or accessing the Site or the platforms you acknowledge that you agree to and / or you are subject to the terms and conditions of the visitors as well as our Privacy Policy on your behalf and on behalf of all persons named in the search for information about the properties request more information). If you do not agree with the terms of use and the Visitor Conditions, you do not have permission to access or use the site.

The Company also has the right to revise / modify the Terms and Conditions at any time by posting an updated version thereof on this site. For this reason, you should frequently visit the site to learn about the latest Visitor Terms and Conditions because they are binding on you.

The Company only allows the site to be registered to those who have legal capacity, which they acquire at the age of 18 years or older.


By Hotels4all, we mean Hotel4all, an individual business based in Sofia, Bulgaria, 24L Planchkov Street, Gorunblqne, with VAT 204225904, VAT: BG 204225904, which for the sake of brevity will henceforth be called on this site as the Company.

The term platform is understood to mean the website for mobile devices (laptops, tapes, mobile phones and the application in which the Service is available, owned, controlled, managed, maintained or hosted by the Company.

The term “service” means the on-line reservation search information service for the services and products available from the Suppliers on the Platform.

Provider is understood to mean the accommodation provider (eg hotel, motel, apartment, hostess, which will be called “Accommodation” for the sake of brevity.


This site is a place where visitors can view listings and receive information about properties offered for hire by vendors who can advertise the products and services available to them through the platform. Through this platform, visitors can receive property information.

By completing a request for more information through our Platform, you create a communication with the accommodation for which you want to receive even more detailed information such as availability or prices. From the moment you complete the search for the information, we act as an intermediary solely for the transfer of your search items to the particular accommodation. The Company is not and will not become a party to any contractual relationship between you as a visitor and the Accommodation Company in any dispute arising between you. The Company is not a party to any rental or other agreement between a visitor and an accommodation.

Visitors are responsible for and agree to abide by all laws, rules and regulations applicable to the use of the Platform or the use of any service offered on the site and any transaction they conclude in relation to the site.

Accommodation is solely responsible for sending information, descriptions and more generally all of the information displayed on the Platform. Suppliers send all their accommodation information and then publish them on the Platform just as they are provided to us. Our Company is not able to confirm and guarantee that all information is accurate and complete and is not responsible for any errors that may arise (typographical and generally all), interference caused by suspension, upgrading, repair and maintenance of the platform, nor is it responsible for inaccurate, misleading and untrue information. The supplier is solely responsible for the accuracy and completeness and correctness of the information and photographs that appear on our platform at any time.



All content displayed on the site is protected by copyright and database ownership rights and belong to the Company and its suppliers or service providers.

. Therefore, the reproduction of the site in whole or in part, including the use, copying, monitoring, reproduction, downloading, presentation, resale of any information content or software or reservations is prohibited.

Therefore, we may not copy, export, create a link, publish, exploit, promote, use our trademark without our written consent.

Any of the above mentioned actions will be considered as unlawful use and would constitute an abuse of our Company’s intellectual property rights.

In relation to the photographic material and the uploading of the photos / images on our site, by this act of sending the photo, the individual person certifies, guarantees and agrees that the photo / images copyright belongs to the person (s) and agrees that the Company may use the photographs / images received in its applications as well as on-line / offline promotional material and similar publications at the discretion of the Company. In this way, you grant the Company an irrevocable, permanent and unconditional right and permission to use, reproduce, distribute, display, distribute photo / images and content at its own discretion.





 We provide the Company’s services through the site we maintain, free of charge to our visitors, unlike many other providers. Our service to guests is therefore not charged.

Suppliers pay an annual subscription, which includes viewing the Supplier’s accommodation on our Platform at no extra charge.


This site is a site that allows you to view the lodgings registered on the Website and then to request more information. of any accommodation. We do not take any responsibility for any accommodation for which you are seeking information, nor do we accept liability for acts or omissions of any Accommodation or other persons or parts related to the accommodation.

In particular, we are not responsible

– For any ambiguity, incorrect or falsified information, regarding the description of the accommodation, as these are available on our Platform from the respective Accommodation, which is solely responsible for its proper registration.

– For any service or product offered by the Accommodation or any other person related to it or its affiliates, for which the Accommodation itself is solely responsible.

– For any loss, damage, charge according to, after, in relation to the use, weakness or delay of the use of the platform.

– For the uploading of the photographic material from the Lodgings, the officers also have the exclusive legal and criminal responsibility for any legal claim by third parties for the publication and use of the photographic material by the Company. The Company disclaims any responsibility regarding the photos posted on the Website. If the photographic material does not meet the above criteria either it is not posted or can be removed and deleted by the Company without any prior notice from the individual.


By completing a request for more information, among other things you agree that the Company has no responsibility for making your communication with the Accommodation through the Platform and also does not guarantee that any of your requests or communications will be received in time, complies, will be executed and accepted by the Supplier.

The Company is not responsible for any incorrect information, either by email or telephone number. We also do not have to verify the above information, as you have sole responsibility for using the correct email address and all the information you enter on the platform when searching for your information.