Perdikis Apartments


Welcome to “Perdikis Apartments” located in uniquely beautiful, Paliouria beach.

In one of the largest and cleanest beaches, across Europe, we have chosen to create the “Perdikis Apartments” with a lot of taste in decoration. Within a friendly atmosphere, in front of the sea waves, our studios, ready to offer you moments of relaxation.

From the terraces of our house, you can enjoy the sea at any time of the day, after all our terraces facing the deep blue Aegean Sea.

The rental offer us:

Air conditioning, hot water all day, TV, utensils, Cookers – small kitchen, closets, washing machines, refrigerators, large and comfortable parking with the possibility of tracking the vehicle at any time by the idoktiti, BBQ.

Our apartments can accommodate the whole family without the slightest problem after you have configured prosarmozomena, to modern needs and requirements.

Every detail, both outdoors and indoors, stems from the passion and personal care Perdiki Yannis owner.

Here in Paliouria our glance travels vriestimena the Aegean horizon and meets the infinite, where natural beauty meets fantasy and everyday making your stay in our studios, WONDERFUL.

Paliouria 400 03 Thessalia Sterea Ellada GR
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