Margit Suites Hotel ***


The MARGIT SUITES hotel located in the outskirts of Karpenissi built on a small hill in a farm of 50 acres and is just 900 meters from the city center.

margit-suites-hotel καρπενησι

The hotel complex consists of 5 luxurious suites characterized by elegance, good taste and elegance.

The layout and decor of each suite is different with furniture, carpets and fabrics unique, selected one by one. All suites at the Margit Suites Hotel have central heating, fireplace, kitchen with refrigerator, coffee maker, fully furnished living room and spacious bathroom with a private bath.


Luxury, comfort and elegance to make your holiday a memorable experience.

Each suite is a private and separate space with unique decor and relaxing atmosphere.

The comfortable living rooms of each suite, the decor, the fire smoldering in the fireplace, a comfortable bedroom and bath offer stately luxury combined with modern comforts.

Hotel services

Reception – Reception
Living room with fireplace & bar
Central heating
Breakfast buffet with our produce 50% organic
Fax and Internet access
Private parking
Apartment Disabled
Visit and permatima the estate

Karpenisi, like all of the county, is located in a mountainous area of exceptional natural beauty, rich in vegetation. The traditional architecture has been preserved to some extent, both in villages and in the city, with many well-preserved buildings.

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Chrisis Katsampa
Karpenisi 361 00 GR
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