Lithos Guesthouse

A guesthouse located in Agoriani, a village built on seven hills (that is why they call it now Eptalofo) at Parnassos, at an altitude of 900m approximately, a few minutes from the ski center and next to Arachova.
It is an ideal destination for nature and winter sports fans. Lithos Guesthouse offers high quality hospitality to guests in its fully renovated warm rooms.
Parnassos National ParkParnassos National Park
Parnassos is one of the highest Greek mountains and extends to counties of Boeotia, Phocis and Fthiotida.
We encounter the highest spot on Liakoura top at a height of 2,457 meters. It is one of the southern ends of Pindos mountain range, with its northwestern part connected to Giona Mount and the southern part to Kirfi.
Among its two highest peaks, of Liakoura and Gerontovrachos (2367 meters) overlooking the Corinthian Gulf and on the back of Arnovrysi, it is the most famous Greek ski resort, the ski center of Parnassos at Gerontovrachos, Kellaria and Fterolaka positions.
Eptalofos 330 57 Thessalia Sterea Ellada GR
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