Ktima Kourou


In the distinct Mediterranean landscape in an area of 6000 sq.m. from endless olive groves to the old so-called Rome location in Tragaki, in the eastern part of the island, dominates the property of the Kourou family consisting of 5 independent traditional stone-built houses and a beautiful farm.


The estate of Kourou was cultivated for 8 generations to pass today to the property of her granddaughter Elena and her husband Andreas Strombakos who envisioned the revival of the estate through the intense memories of genuine Zakynthian tradition.

The choice of construction materials began with the collection of genuine Zakynthian traditional stone from the mountain villages of Kylimeno and Ag. Leon, who crafted unique craftsmen. Stone worked perfectly following the Zakynthian architectural tradition in combination with wood that always dominates in its natural form.

All buildings are 100-120 m two-storey and independent of each other. On the ground floor we will find the large living room with fireplace and a dining room for 4-8 people in the perfectly organized kitchen. The ground floor verandas all around see their own separate garden. The wooden staircase leads to the upper floor with the large bedroom which includes a double bed living room and an individual bath with a bathtub. There is also a twin bedroom and an individual bathroom. From the balcony of the bedrooms we have a goddess on the farm and the surrounding hills.



In Italian, the word “atzardo” means a big step. Here you can swim 6-8 people. This 2-storey villa has an interior space of 200m2 and a 40m2 garden.


It was named after the hill of Kavelari, at the foot of which lies the village of Tragaki.
The two-storey house consists of two bedrooms with the capacity to accommodate 4-6 persons. This 2-storey house has an interior space of 140m2 and a 70m2 garden. It boasts magnificent painting on stone walls and furnishings made of wood and iron.


This house took its name from the old village whose name means “customs”.
It is believed that this village served as a gate or passage to Kefalonia and Roumeli (mainland). This spacious two-storey villa can accommodate 4-6 people in 140 square meters.


Once “Roma” was called the location of the Kouros Estate ….
From there, the house was named for this house, which can accommodate 2-4 people with the impressive bedroom with the original creations of Andreas Strumabakos made of natural logs.


It was named locally by the centuries-old olive tree found in the garden of the house.
It is the smallest house in the complex that accommodates 2-3 people in the bedroom located on the wooden pavement, with a double iron bed and sweet pastel shades on its walls.


Daily maid service
Air conditioning in every room, fireplace
Internal phone
Safety deposit boxes
Board Games • Chess • Backgammon • Kids Games


Reception Hall
Fax and free WIFI
Garden furniture
Swings for babies
First aid
Washing machine


Baby cot
Children’s seats
We can arrange for rent a car or bike
Organize various activities for cycling, hiking, diving
Excursion Organization (Shipwreck, Blue Caves)
Child and pet care
Transfer by taxi to and from the airport
Doctor on call
Washing machine and tumble dryer

An ideal prologue that can be found in the living room of the reception area where we can admire the remarkable collection of the family from useful objects that have survived for many years as well as the great collection of books (old Zakynthians) and end in the beautiful landscaped garden of the estate, flower.

Bouquets, jasmine, bougainvillea, grandees, roses all with the love and special care of the owner Helen …

Here the senses awake from the wonderful colors and smells.
Calming spectacularly in the shade of the so-called “locals”, the hammocks and the green hand-made benches scattered in the estate away from the houses and offering peace of mind for those who want to enjoy their walk, read a book or even to draw close to nature.

A walk in the lovely pond and geese pond and farm animals offer unique moments to our young friends who enjoy nature in the specially designed ecological playground and the necessary safety measures as the estate is well-fenced.

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